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That’s the biggest piece of advice I took away from the NGEN Media Bootcamp held on Tuesday 6th of September. It was a day dedicated to getting media juniors with less than two years-experience up to speed with the industry; hearing from inspirational industry leaders on what they do, where our career can take us, the in-demand skills required to succeed, and the ins and outs of different channels and their role in reaching consumers, all supported by a healthy dose of networking.

I can guarantee that the majority of the 100 savvy media juniors who put their hands up to attend the NGEN Bootcamp were curious about the vibrant, dynamic, and creative world that media is, and hopefully, they forever are.

The day was broken into three sessions, kicking off with an introduction to the industry and NGEN’s purpose of ‘We Are The Changers’ with the MFA’s Director of People, Linda Wong.

She imparted the wise words “be comfortable being uncomfortable” which was, ironically, comforting to hear. As someone who is one week into my official media career, I’ve definitely had moments of feeling somewhat ‘uncomfortable’.

This was followed by an engaging DE&I panel hosted by our very own bright and brilliant Sparky, Josh Green, with the wonderful Luisa Dalli from Havas Media and Tania David from Finecast in the hot seats answering questions concerning diversity and equity and providing advice on what steps we can take to make the industry and our workplaces more inclusive.

Then, the enthusiastic Simon Odisho from PHD took the stage to share his career journey, reassuring us that if we love people, being creative, and advertising, media is the industry for us.

The highlights from the second session, which focused on how to grow and thrive in your career, included an important talk about mental health by Chloe Hooper from UnLtd and members of the NGEN Committee on career paths, keeping current, and networking.

We were then divided into five intimate groups with the committee members taking us under their wings through conversational discussions. This was the perfect opportunity for us to act on our curiosity by raising our hands and asking questions.

The final session involved an introduction to media channel planning and the roles of different channels, led by the champions from Val Morgan on cinema, QMS on outdoor, TikTok on social, The Sporting News on digital, Are Media on magazines, and ARN on audio.

They brought us up to speed with the latest stats and insights about each channel in preparation for us being broken off into groups to respond to a real-world client brief for Pepsi Vanilla Max No Sugar before pitching it to the floor, which was low-key stand-up comedy at times.

Overall, it was an inspiring day that instilled a sense of excitement and passion for us next-generation media leaders.

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