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  • Helena Snowdon

DECEMBER'S QUESTION: As brands look to 2022, what's the most important thing for them to focus on?

Updated: May 24, 2022

We've launched a new initiative this week to give more of our Bright Sparks a voice. I mean, not everyone wants to pen a perspective or open their heart to the world. We have different opinions, priorities, needs - and, let's face it, different 'verbal volume'.

With "Spark Foundry's Burning Question", each month, we'll ask all staff about something topical and aim to capture as many different perspectives as we can. And share them back out to our communities. Depth of thinking, diverse thinking - #allsorts

For December, we posed the question:

"As brands look to 2022, what's the most important thing for them to focus on?"

And this is what our Bright Sparks had to say... No editing, no selection criteria, and published in the order they were submitted:

1) Inflation and a Brand's Pricing Power.

2) Clearly defining / re-defining what their brand stands for - and what it means for every decision they make. With increasing consciousness & concerns beyond pricing, brands that live and breathe their values through every action is going to create meaningful connections with consumers.

3) Attention is not a trend. Earning your audience's attention should always be the foundation for all advertising activity. If we focus on tactical measurement, we are already too late. We need to start by defining the right media and message upfront, and think about how they complement each other for greater cut through.

4) As Australia learns to live with COVID, I firmly believe we will see Australia's attention shift back to the quite literally burning question of climate change and the reduction of carbon emissions. For brands, this will mean a greater level of scrutiny from consumers regarding their environmental credentials. The brands that have already been putting their money where their mouth is in this space are poised to reap the benefits too. A commitment to reducing carbon emissions is not a one-off marketing campaign. It's an integral pillar for any business who has growth ambitions.

5) Actually being brands! Placing sole focus on direct response performance channels or developing a price-first selling proposition can provide some really alluring, immediate results, but short-termism is a risk that far too many brands have been willing to take recently.

6) As the world grows more and more complex - advertising doesn't need to follow suit. Now is the time for simplicity. Make it easy for people to think of your brand, and make it easy for people to buy your brand.

7) In the next 10 years, we are projected to develop more technologically than we have done in the last 100 years. This means tech trends will come quick and fast, and they will also disappear just as quickly. Brands and agencies will have less time to identify trends and act on it, and those who are slow will miss out.

8) Google is deprecating UAC after 20 years, if you have a website in Australia you need GA4 implemented now rather than later, In late 2022 while brands are late to the party and scramble to upgrade, technical resource will be limited.

9) I think it's most important for brands to look outside the box - people are looking to be shocked, delighted and educated by brands. Using media to breakdown barriers and open eyes, hearts and minds of consumers should be a huge goal for all brands.

10) Prioritise business KPIs and measurement. Invest in the proper infrastructure to do so. Understand how your media is affecting business growth, not just "media metrics" (impressions, clicks). Invest in media accordingly & optimise your website rather than focusing on a "cost per video view" or "cost per click" benchmark.

11) The most important things brands can focus on moving into 2022 is creating a seamless end-to-end experience for their target market. That means using the traditional “right message, right place, right time” approach in media and supercharging it with a consistency of experience that follows through into their owned channels. Whether it’s a website or in-store, creating that consumer experience consistency is going to be vital to driving business success and delivering improved performance for brands. Owned, earned and paid should work hand-in-hand. Not in silos.


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