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  • Pete Butler


I was a little taken aback when I saw the news that Jacinda Ardern had resigned as New Zealand’s Prime Minister. I made the mistake of jumping onto Twitter and followed this up with an even bigger mistake and that was looking at the comments regarding her resignation. Twitter is becoming a cesspit of the ignorant and the ill-informed and that was on full display with every misogynist and bully getting their 10 cents, or 10 words in.

I think if you can put your political leanings to one side then just maybe we can all look at her career, her achievements, and her failings a little more objectively. I am not going to critique her political performance as I am just lowly Managing Director of a media agency and not really equipped to give a detailed view of her implementation of policies.

All I can comment on is what I saw as a person. I saw a person who deeply cared about the country and its people. A person who had high self-awareness but little self-interest. I saw a person yesterday who was honest and said she had just had enough and didn’t have it in her to do a 3rd term. Good on her, she is going out on her terms and deserves nothing less. She was Prime Minister at 37, led the country through a global pandemic and its worst terrorist atrocity and now she is planning on being a Mum for a while. Good on her!

If I look at the other recent political leaders around the world New Zealanders (such as me) should be grateful, not scornful to have had a leader like Jacinda Ardern. I believe history will judge her as a very good leader, a new generation of leader and a source of inspiration for young people growing up in New Zealand and throughout the world.

Kia Kaha – Stay Strong.


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