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Mobility data update

Leveraging mobility data from Google, it's clear that whilst social freedoms have now seemingly returned to normal, the implications of COVID still linger compared to baseline years. In particular workplaces are still impacted, with mobility data indicating attendance for places of work within Australia is down -73% compared to baseline. Public transport follows a similar trend, being down -56% compared to a baseline year. From a perspective of increased mobility, we have seen park attendance up +34% in NSW, suggesting people are still out and about more than before although being more selective with where and when they are out. I.e. Limiting time spent at work, but increasing recreational time elsewhere.

Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence has risen by 2.2 points to 96.8 - surpassing the most recent four week average but still below the historic monthly average. This recent rise in consumer confidence is expected to have been driven by the Easter long weekend and decreasing petrol prices. Petrol prices in particular are down almost 46 cents per litre, from the mid-March peak of $2.13 per litre.

Despite confidence remaining below its neutral level of 100, all of the consumer confidence subindices increased for the third week straight. This is at least indicative that confidence is stabilising and returning to normal levels.


TV Landscape/ Radio

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Returns After Three Years

The highlight of the Sunday night was Formula 1, with the Melbourne Grand Prix being the top non-news program of the day with 534,000 viewers with Melbourne alone bringing in 268k viewers. Airing on Ten's main channel and streaming on 10 play, the race not only topped entertainment for Sunday night but also performed well with younger demographics after finishing #1 in 16-39, #2 in 18-49, and #3 in 25-54. won the key advertising demo of 16-39. Channel Ten’s coverage was hosted by Aussie F1 legend Mark Webber.

With general admission tickets to the three-day racing weekend selling out four months prior, it was evident that Australians were hyped for the race’s return to home soil. #drivetosurvive


Nine Claims Q1 Survey

A week after Seven claimed Q1 in national viewers in commercial viewers, Nine has laid claim to winning the 5 city metro across Free to Air.

Married at First Sight‘s finale is the biggest audience on Nine in survey (Australian Open is prior to survey).

Amongst Nine’s other successes, Underbelly: Vanishing Act is the highest rating new Australian drama launch in three years.

BVOD Audiences

In the week up to the 18th of April, there were 1,046 million minutes of BVOD content consumed across Australia. This represents a 7.8% decrease from the previous week, but still reached 5.8 million people.

Foxtel took the top spot with the Melbourne v. GWS AFL match, amassing a BVOD audience of 141,000 and over 3.7 million minutes. Meanwhile, Seven’s Home and Away featured 5 times in this list of the top 10 shows watched. Other notable mentions in the top 10 are Foxtel’s Super Netball and Nine’s Travel Guides, with the latter suggesting an increased interest in travelling.


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