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Updated: Dec 19, 2022


As the year comes to an end, it’s not only a time for reflection, but also a time to see how our tastes in content have evolved across the year.

Podcasting has seen astronomical growth over the last 10 years, with the average Australian listener spending around 1 hour and 54 minutes per week on podcasts. That’s a lot of time spent hanging out with certain genres.

As of the end of November, resident comedy kings Hamish & Andy took back the top spot on the Podcast Ranking charts. The Hamish & Andy Podcast brought in 985K listeners and 2.1M downloads, across five new episodes. Previous top spot holder Casefile slipped to second place in November, attracting 929K listeners and 2.3M downloads.

A toast to ending the year with a laugh seems to be resonating with Aussies, and the comedic duo are sure to keep this coming in years to come, having recently signed a long-term contract with LISTNR.



Consumer confidence has remained effectively unchanged this week, increasing by 0.2 points to now sit at 82.9. Even in the face of the eighth consecutive interest rate increase, the index held steady.

From a yearly view point, the index sits 25.1 points below its same time last year rating and 5.9 points below the 2022 weekly average of 88.8.

Despite a relatively unchanged index week on week, we have seen some improvements across consumer sentiment. Now, 8% (+1%) of Australians are expecting the next twelve months to yield a good economy, while 33% (-3%) expect bad times.

23% of Australians (+3%) consider it a good time to purchase major household items, whereas 49% (+4%) consider it the opposite: a bad time to buy.

Overall consumer confidence remains quite low as has been the case for some months now, particularly with consistently rising interest rates. However, we are beginning to see gradual improvements in the index and certain markers of growing consumer confidence emerging.



The start to the week saw Nine hold the greatest network share of 29.4% on December 12th. However, it was Seven who took the number one spot of the night, with Seven News at 6:30 attracting an audience of 853,000.

Across the course of the week, the overall network share began to shift in Seven’s favour. Holding the largest primary share and network share from Tuesday-Thursday, tying once with Nine on Tuesday. Seven also achieved the top spot every night of the week with their News offering.

GfK’s eighth Sydney radio survey of the year, covering Sep 25 - Dec 3, saw 2GB close the year in the top spot. As such, Breakfast with Ben Fordham has reached #1 in the breakfast daypart, while Mornings with Ray Hadley continues to be the best in its time slot. Only slightly behind 2GB was KIIS 1065, followed by Smoothfm 95.3. Smooth ended the year with the number one cumulative audience in Sydney, and third in overall market share - seeing improvements across all demographics from 18 to 64.



In the week up to the 18th of December, there were 898.8 million minutes of BVOD content consumed across Australia, reaching about 6.2 million Australians. When it came to content, Play School Series 2022 Big and Small: Outback, saw the largest audience of 735,000. Love Island continues to capture the nation’s eyeballs, taking out the 2nd, 3rd and 4th spot and cumulatively accounting for around 27 million minutes of streaming.


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