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Out of Home supplier QMS have launched their new City of Sydney Street furniture network. The network encapsulates 26 square kilometres of Sydney, comprising of the CBD and the 33 outer suburbs. The network will reach 2.6 million people a week, two-thirds of whom live right across the Greater Sydney region. QMS have said they will now be able to deliver a Sydney audience like never before with a street furniture network that redefines the benchmark for digital out of home.

The campaign-based selling for its City of Sydney Street furniture network will be open from 29 August, which was marked with an event at Sydney Town Hall last Thursday. Although there were some delays to the rollout of their new network, Chief Customer Officer of QMS Mark Fairhurst told Mediaweek that “There’s always a silver lining, and that is that now we’re launching 29 August. The CBD is back to life, and we’re in that roll into Q4 and Christmas, which is the highest demand period for the network.’

90% of QMS’s new City of Sydney advertising inventory is digital to meet the growing demand for more dynamic, data-led and engaging outdoor advertising. Powered by 100% GreenPower energy, the network is optimised for visibility and attention, with 86-inch panel displays being both bigger and brighter.

Consumer Confidence

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence has had its biggest weekly increase of the year increasing 3.9pts this week to 84.2. Despite this increase, it still remains far below the same week a year ago, at 16.9pts below August 14/15 2021. Consumer Confidence also sits at 7.5pts below the 2022 weekly average of 91.7 however it is at its highest since late June 2022.

On a state-based level Consumer Confidence was up in NSW, VIC and WA, but it was down in both QLD and SA. This weeks increase was powered by personal finances and prospects for the Australian economy in the coming year.

ANZ Head of Australian Economics, David Plank, commented “There was a notable recovery in consumer confidence over the past week, with the loss in the week of the RBA’s August rate hike more than completely reversed. Across the major states, confidence was up very strongly in Western Australia and made solid gains in New South Wales and Victoria. Confidence declined in Queensland and South Australia, however. It was notable that sentiment about ‘future financial conditions’ is now in positive territory, if only just, for the first time since late May. In our view this speaks to the strength of the labour market, which we expect to be confirmed by the data due later this week. But we aren’t getting carried away. Sentiment toward ‘future financial conditions’ is still well below average and overall confidence is deeply negative."

TV Landscape

It was another win for Nine this week taking out 29.4% share of the week followed by Seven who were just behind at 28.9%, then Ten at 16.4% and SBS at 8.2%. TV Tonight has said that if Nine continues to have another year of strong ratings for The Block and Married at First Sight it could be on track to repeat its calendar win once more for 2022.

The new series of The Block: Tree Change finished as the #1 show last week with 984,00 metro viewers, helping Nine to win Sunday-Thursday. However, with the final round of the home and away season for AFL this did help Seven come home strong on Friday and Saturday, ultimately finishing close behind its main rival. Sevens new season of My Kitchen Rules may not be the juggernaut it once was, but it’s still Seven’s biggest show currently.

In terms of the top performing shows for P25-54, Network Nine dominated the week making up 5 of the 10 shows with The Block (Sunday - Wednesday) being in the top 5, as well as Have You Been Paying Attention on Network 10 taking out third spot (351K). Ten’s, The Masked Singer also performed well last week with programming on Sun-Tues all placing in the top ten. Sunday News for both Network Seven (261k) and Network Nine (288k) also placed within the top ten for the week.


In the week up to the 21st of August there were 995.2 million minutes of BVOD content consumed, reaching 6.8 million people nationally. This was a slight drop from the week prior, with viewing decreasing by 5.26%.

For the second week in a row Nine took out the top 4 most watched programs with the new season of The Block. Monday nights episode of The Block drew in an audience of 174K, while Tuesdays episode drew in 169K and Wednesdays episode with 161K. Seven took out the remaining 6 spots with a mixture of Home and Away and My Kitchen Rules. Overall, BVOD is currently skewing to the demographic of Females 25-54 years of age.

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