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Updated: May 24, 2022


Bond: No Time To Die had the biggest cinema opening weekend since 2019 and set the biggest pandemic-era release record, attracting more than 475,000 cinema goers across Saturday and Sunday. When extended to include Thursday and Friday numbers, this number rises to 873,000.

In addition, the latest Bond instalment has also smashed local revenue records, raking in $11.2 million across its first four days at the Australian box office. This was on par with the opening weekend results for Bond: Spectre in 2015.

In other significant news this past week, ARN acquired Grant Broadcasters for $307 million

Last week, ARN’s parent company H,T&E bought Grant who owns 58 broadcast stations and 46 DAB+ across Australia in 33 (predominantly regional) markets. This consolidation provides an opportunity to reach a much larger audience - about 8 million to be exact.

Source: Ad News and AFR


Consumer Confidence was down 2.2 pts on the 2021 weekly average & 0.6 pts lower than the same week a year ago (106.6 pts). Notably, this is the first time in a year that Consumer Confidence has dropped below its year ago precedent since late November 2020.

Across Australia last week, every state was down in consumer confidence besides a small increase in Queensland. We’ve seen this decrease across Australia, predominantly in relation to Australians becoming less confident about their personal financial situations compared to a year ago and due to their expected financial positions this time next year.

Source: Roy Morgan


Nine had a narrow win of primary share last week with another episode of The Block at #1 followed by Nine News. Seven’s best shows were weekday news followed by Home and Away. Big Brother VIP struggled to compete, peaking at 320k viewers. Ten’s Have You Been Paying Attention ranked #1 non-news with its season finale episode.

On Sunday night, Nine’s Lego Masters Brickmas Special beat Adele’s One Night Only special performance and interview with Oprah Winfrey. The show had 747k viewers tuned in vs. Lego Master’s 804k.


In the week up to the 21st of November, there were 967.1 million minutes of BVOD content consumed with a reach of 5.8 million people nationally. Nine continued to hold the top 4 spots of the Top Ten Programs, with Love Island Season 3 seeing a total streaming time of 43.3 million minutes. This was again heavily consumed amongst females aged 18-39, who accounted for 53% of the total audience.

Outside of this, we saw Home and Away (Channel 7) and Total Control (SBS) claim the remaining spots in the Top Ten Programs.

Source: Oztam


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