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During the YouTube Brandcast event last week, YouTube announced that Connected TV is it’s fastest growing screen in the country, with over 11 million Australians streaming YouTube through a connected TV screen in May of this year.

Research also showed that YouTube audiences were more engaged with the ads than any other channel with 10% more than catch up TV and 15% more than free to air.

YouTube has also become a source for consumers in Australia to decide what they are purchasing with 60% of viewers stating that the network influenced their decision. Although there are many platforms to stream, 17 million Australians and 3.5 million New Zealand adults choose YouTube over anything else, according to May statistics.

In another segment during the event, founder and professor of Mini MBA, Mark Ritson, discussed how YouTube is strongly supporting brands in reaching their short and long term goals. The case study examined was visual communications platform, Canva. In order to reach Canva’s objective, to build brand awareness, YouTube built a campaign establishing that Canva “helps you design anything”. The results presented 21% sign ups, 11% brand searches, 7% brand awareness and a one to one return on YouTube investment.

Last year, YouTube launched new ad formats to increase CTV audiences. They have additionally recently introduced a CTV frequency management solution in Display and Video 360, allowing advertisers to control the number of times people see their ads across YouTube and alternate CTV apps.

YouTube allows creators to be passionate and authentic while reaching appropriate audiences.

Consumer Confidence

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence is at its highest since early June, now at 85.6 (up 1.4pts). The ANZ Head of Australian Economics, David Plank, commented that the unemployment rate dropping to 3.4% in July might have helped boost sentiment. In saying that, it’s still 16pts below same time last year.

This is the second week we’ve seen a weekly increase, primarily driven by an increase in confidence levels in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA. Although Consumer Confidence has seen a slight decline in WA, this state remains higher than the others.

When it comes to the current economic conditions, 9% of Australians expect good times for the economy over the next year, which is up 3pts WoW, while 34% expect bad times (down 3pts WoW.


Despite consumer confidence growing in late August, only 22% of Australians are saying that now is a “good time to buy” major household items, with this being the lowest figure for this indicator for over two years since the early stages of the pandemic in April 2020. Nevertheless, the amount of Australians who have believe now is a “bad time to buy” decreased from 49% to 46% since w/c August 16th.

TV Landscape

Nine have continued their back to back wins, taking out the top spot once again when looking at audience share. Nine finished the week with 40% of commercial share followed by Seven and Ten with 36% and 24% respectively.

Seven News did top the week with 935k against Total People but without any primetime AFL to support, this wasn’t enough to claim the lead share. The network will be hoping to see this lift in coming weeks as we move into the highly sought after AFL finals.

The Block continues to dominate for Nine, at 911k in the overnights, well ahead of competitors such as My Kitchen Rules (515k) and The Masker Singer (612k).


In the week up to the 28th of August there were 1,008 million minutes of BVOD content consumed, reaching 6.6 million people nationally. Viewing minutes on par WoW, only slightly up 1.3%.

The much awaited prequel to Game of Thrones, hit our screens, over throwing The Block as the most watched program. House of the Dragon (HOTD) came in #1 with an audience of 167K. Nine's The Block not too far behind taking out the next 4 spots albeit seeing WoW drops in audience of about 9-12% across the episodes. ABC's Vera with 125K audience came in #6 and Seven's Home and Away and My Kitchen Rules followed clocking less than 100K audience per episode.

With positive reviews from fans and critics alike, it will be interesting to see if HOTD will continue its reign of the iron box and to see if it's numbers will soar with more episodes under its command.

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