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Federal Election is done and dusted…

Labour have come out victors in a hard-fought election last week.

Interestingly when we compare the Saturday night broadcast to the previous election in 2019, we saw very similar audience numbers (’22 V ’19).

Overall (Ppl 18+) the Saturday election night only saw a small decline of -1.5%. The ABC took the lead in terms of the network that viewers wanted to get their election results from, leading the average Metro broadcast with 662,605 viewers (up 2.6%).

Seven was the winning commercial network with their “Screen of Dreams” and were promoting this technology in the week leading up to the election, so perhaps a bit of tech and up to the minute polling data was the key for Seven to steal viewers away from Nine. You can read more about the Screen of Dreams and Seven’s election coverage below.

From a demographic POV, Ppl 25-54 saw an increase of +6.7% Election on Election (Overnight data), and the male/female skew was 50% with an increase in Women 18+ of +2.1% for this election.

From and a Search POV, it was interesting to see there was a significant level of search across all the parties. This could have been led by the huge ad dollar spends leading into election night, voters wanting a change and looking at alternatives to the major parties or the need to research as voters are more educated and vocal on government issues.

Major political party Digital ad spend in the week leading up to the election:

Source: Etam, Demo, 5 Cap City, Election Sat 21 May, Peak 1800-2359, Overnight Data

Source: Google Trends, 18-25th May 2022

Consumer Confidence

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence jumped 1.5 points to 90.8 this week, its first increase for over a month since mid-April after four straight weekly declines. Consumer Confidence is now a significant 23.4pts below the same week a year ago, May 22/23, 2021 (114.2) and is now 5.7pts below the 2022 weekly average of 96.5.

Most of the interviews for Consumer confidence were conducted in the lead up to the election, all states had an increase in this week except for NSW.

TV Landscape

Seven has taken the lead this week in TV Metro Ratings, led by News, The Voice, and Big Brother, Seven is showing strength in both Ppl 18+ and Ppl 25-54 demo.

Despite Celebrity Apprentice starting on Sun 22nd May, Nine was not able to beat out Seven, despite relatively strong numbers for the program. We did see however a 38% drop in the launch episode vs 2021, however we know that audiences are shifting to BVOD to catch up on the tent pole programs such as Celeb Apprentice, Masterchef and The Voice.

Source: Nielsen Etam, WC 22/05/22 Peak 1800-2229, Network, Ppl 18+, Ppl 25-54

BVOD Audiences

In the past week, 964.1 million minutes of BVOD content was consumed, reaching 6.0 million people nationally.

Seven has dominated the Top 10 last week, with 9 out of the Top 10 programs for BOVD. Clearly BVOD skewing to younger audiences Big Brother, The Voice and Home & Away take up nine of the top 10 programs. Lego Masters Grand Finale was the only program from another Network in the Top 10.

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