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The Twitter Innovators Agency Awards Are Back

Social Media Platform, Twitter will be recognizing the dedication and creativity of media agencies, providing them with a chance to win a trip to California in December.

The head of Twitter ANZ, Emily Foat, announced that Twitter are excited to reintroduce the Twitter Innovators Agency Awards. The purpose of this event is to showcase and reward the best campaigns presented by agencies and to additionally provide inspiration to those seeking such and considering launching their campaigns on the platform.

The Innovator Awards will be broken down into five categories:

1. Best Launch Campaign

Seeks receptive audience to launch new product, campaign, or positioning

2. Best Connect Campaign

Builds relevance and levels up the conversation

3. Best Conversion Campaign

Presents influence through innovative performance/ commerce campaigns

4. Best Social Impact Campaign

Initiates public conversation and awareness to significant concepts

5. Innovator of the Year

Agency with the most shortlisted and wining submissions in Twitter Innovators 2022

The Nestle Team won the Innovator of the Year award in 2021 for their #MiloHotvCold campaign as it utilized Twitter to launch a new concept and provided a connection with audiences.

Submissions are earned based on campaign creativity, effectiveness, engagement and uniqueness.

Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence was up 3pts this week, to 84.7 as consumers’ willingness to buy increased for the End of Financial Year Sales. That being said, this slight increase is still 27.5pots down YoY (June 26/27 2021) which was at 111.2, and is also 9.5pts below the 2022 weekly average of 94.2.

Only 6% of Australian’s expect ‘good times’ for the Australian economy over the next 12 months, which is the lowest figure for this stat for nearly 2 years (since Sept 2020) compared to 40% that expect ‘bad times’, which again, is the highest figure for this stat for nearly 2 years, with increased concerns about cost-of-living due to the recent rise in inflation.


Studies have shown that since COVID-19 came to the shores of Australia and the cost of living continues to grow, Australian consumers have come increasingly hesitant with spending their money.

According to Mckinsey’s research, six in ten consumers predict that spending routines will return to normal after June 2022, however, two-thirds of Australians don’t plan to splurge in 2022 at all.

That being said, though Australian households increased their spending in the past month, net intent to spend still remains in the negatives.

TV Landscape

Nine have continued to hold top spot across the previous week with a share of 37.12% against Total People. Followed by Seven & Ten with 32.45% & 20.81% respectively, SBS saw a share of 9.62%.

Despite Nine commanding the highest share, Seven took out the top two performing programs with their ever reliable News format in both spots. Sunday was the highest performing with 974,486 Total People tuning in.

Nine’s best performing property was also their Sunday News format with 865,841 viewers, none of Nine’s GE made it in to the top ten programs with Ninja Warrior (559,730) being bested by both Masterchef and Have You Been Paying Attention.

Unsurprisingly, Ten’s Masterchef was the networks highest viewed property, with the Sunday night episode pulling in 611,129 viewers against Total People

Source: Nielsen eTAM (June/July 2022)


Across the most recent 7 day rolling period (27th June – 3rd July) we have seen a total of 1.13M minutes of BVOD consumed nationally, reaching just over 7M of Australia’s population.

Unsurprisingly, Nines ever popular Love Island has continued to dominate BVOD consumption with the property taking out the top six spots with episodes 19 and 21 through 25. The highest reaching episode commanding an audience of 186,000. Outside of Love Island, the remainder of the top 10 consisted of ABC’s ‘The Split’.

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