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Media Update of the Week

On Friday December 2nd, 10Play launched 13 FAST (free ad-supported streaming channels) with content from distributors Banijay Rights, Fremantle and Lionsgate.

The FAST channels are available via the ‘live’ section on the 10 Play app and website.

In October, Paramount execs said that in 2023, a selection of Pluto TV FAST channels will launch on 10 Play, expanding Paramount’s free streaming offering to consumers and partners in Australia. The broadcaster giant said this was an initial step in introducing Pluto TV in Australia.

Paramount ANZ chief sales officer, Rod Prosser, said: 'Our new FAST channels will deliver a win-win for audiences and advertisers alike, providing targeted opportunities for marketers to reach key audiences with distinct interests, tastes and even passions, who want to know more about products and services aligned to their interests.’

'This is just another feather in the cap for 10 Play which has had its biggest year yet, growing 6% in 2021 plus registered users have grown 84% in two years to 6.2 million. We’re excited to be able to connect advertisers with this engaged audience with clear and tangible consumer buying power across a vast array of lucrative markets and industries.'

Rival network, Seven, has also announced the launch of 50 FAST channels this Summer. One such example, available via 7Plus, will be Crazy In Love, a channel bringing reality fans a curated schedule of hit shows including Back with the Ex, First Dates Australia, Extreme Weddings, The Single Wives and Yummy Mummies.


Consumer Confidence

ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence increased by 1.5pts to 83.1 this week and is now down 22.9pts YoY. This is 6pts below the 2022 weekly average of 89.1.

The slight increase in the national average comes even though NSW and South Australia are both down. Confidence is at its highest since early October but still relatively weak, with most of the increases in confidence coming from questions driven by ‘financial situation compared to a week ago’.

Although Consumer Confidence is growing, Business Confidence was 90.2 – the lowest the index has been since September 2020 during the middle of Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19.

The second straight monthly fall in the index follows the RBA’s decision to raise interest rates for a seventh straight month in early November, up by 0.25% to 2.85% - the highest official interest rates since May 2013.

This is the RBA’s fastest set of increases to interest rates in nearly thirty years since the RBA raised rates by 2.75% in only five months in 1994.


TV Landscape

Network Seven currently have the highest share for the week with 33.2%, followed by Network Nine with 29% and SBS with 24.8%.

The top two programs for this week were Seven News and Nine News Sunday with 810,909 and 724,236 respectively. Nine’s Lego Masters Brickmas Special was the highest rated non-news programming with 618,407 viewers delivered on Sunday.

SBS coverage of the FIFA World Cup has delivered 2 spots in the top 20, with matches of Japan vs. Costa Rica and Cameroon vs. Serbia coming in at #12 and #18 most watched of the week. The two Australia matches delivered as following:

Thursday December 1

Australia v Denmark: 618,000

Metro: 360,000 (#23 most watched on Linear) Regional: 82,000 BVOD: 176,000

Sunday December 4

Australia v Argentina: 1,132,588

Metro: 964,000

Regional: 27,588

BVOD: 141,000

Source: eTAM Nielsen WC 27/11 – 4/12/2022

BVOD Audiences

In the week up to the 4th of December there were 1,040.9 million minutes of BVOD content consumed, reaching 6.9 million people nationally.

Love Island dominated the top 4 positions of the chart, the only episodes to reach 200,000+ people and heavily skewed to younger women with W18-39 making up approximately 50% of the total audience.

SBS delivered two spots on the list with the Australia vs. Denmark game peaking at 141,000 people reached. ABC also had two showings with Fisk as the show finale aired last Wednesday night. Home & Away reliably came in at 7th for Seven and Ten had no appearances in the Top 10 this week.



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