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In the latest media news of the week, we wanted to take some time to talk about the latest social media app taking the world by storm. Sit with us, we know there feels like a new one every few months but Be Real has seen a staggering amount of growth over the last year. Using our office as a proxy, it seems everyone is talking about it! BeReal is a social media platform, encouraging people to do what the name suggests… Be, Real. Rather than posting edited photos or the “Highlight Reel” on Instagram, Be Real is encouraging users to share everything from the exciting to the mundane. But the catch is, the app will tell you when to post! Users get notified that they have a two minute window to post their “Be Real” photo for the day. Whether it be on the couch watching TV, at Luna Park on the ferris wheel or working late in the office everyone is told to snap their photo and share it with their friend group. Now, before you start laughing at the concept let me share with you a few interesting growth stats. Be Real monthly active users have increased from 921K in July 2021 to.. Wait for it… 21.6 MILLION in July 2022. That’s million. With an M! This is just shy of 3 million daily active users. The US leads the downloads sitting at 12 million, with Australia currently sitting at around 1.2M downloads.

Time will tell if BeReal is here to stay, although for now - Let’s start snapping around the office!


Consumer Confidence

Consumer confidence has increased by 1.1 points to now sit at 86.1 - the highest it has been in 3 months. The index is now 13.9 points below its STLY rating and 5 points below the 2022 weekly average.

Interestingly, 30% of Australians expect their families to be financially better off by this time next year, while an equal 30% expect their families to be worse off in a year.


TV Landscape

Seven dominated the end of the work week, taking 42.3% of Friday shares. Seven’s AFL: Friday Night Football Finals was a large driver of this, attracting 868k viewers and being the most watched programme of the night - beating even the news programmes. Seven news also took the top news spot with 773k viewers, surpassing Nine News with 719k.

In the audio world, true crime podcast The Teacher’s Pet led to the conviction of Chris Dawson for murdering his wife 40 years ago.The podcast generated public attention to the case which eventuated in a trial. Preceding the trial, social media posts increased 1282%.



In the week up to the 4th of September there were 998.3 million minutes of BVOD content consumed, reaching 6.8 million people nationally. Viewing minutes on par WoW, only slightly down by 0.9%.

The Block Season 18 continues to be a heavy hitter amongst the TV ratings. Taking out 4 out of the top 10 programs. The top performing episode saw 7.1M minutes consumed reaching 180K people.

House of the Dragon took out the #3 spot, proving the equity built up with Game Of Thrones continues to be strong despite the lacklustre ending... HOTD reached 148K people across BVOD with streaming minutes sitting at 8.3M.

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