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Updated: May 17, 2022

Media News of the Week

The Foxtel Group has signed an agreement with the PGA Tour of Australasia that will see the 2022 golf season live and exclusive on Foxtel and Kayo, which will air between 13-16 January.

Over 100 hours of live Australasian golf coverage will be broadcast, including the Australian PGA Championship and VIC Open, which will both also be available live and free on Kayo Freebies.

Foxtel Group commercial director, sports, Rebecca McCloy, said: “All of the domestic golf bodies have come together to offer golf fans a complete package of events this summer and we are incredibly pleased to partner with them to showcase the entire schedule of Australian golf for the millions of subscribers watching sport on Foxtel and Kayo.”


We’re still eagerly awaiting the first week of data from 2022 - but with 2021 complete, we can now take a macro look at confidence fluctuations through the last 12 months.

Average of Weekly Consumer Confidence 2021:

Q1: 110.6

Q2 : 112.1

Q3: 103

Q4: 106.9

2021 Consumer Confidence Annual Average: 108.1

2008 – 2021 Rolling Average: 112.9

1973 – 2021 Rolling Average: 109.2

Q2 was the strongest quarter of the year, peaking with weekly results of 114 in April and May as the country loosened the last of the COVID restrictions allowing full venue capacity and dancing, that was key for the hospitality industry.

However, with Sydney plunged into lockdown in June and Melbourne following shortly after, we saw the impact of this from July onwards. The lowest week of the year was 07/08 with confidence at 98.6 – aligning with when Delta cases began to be reported in regional areas. As the vaccination rollout picked up, so did confidence with the last quarter Oct-Dec landing at 107 in line with the annual average of 108.

How does this year stack up relative to a longer timespan of data collection? The 2021 Consumer confidence of 108.1 is down -4.7 when looking at an aggregate of the last 23 years. This indicates that these are ‘unprecedented times’ within recent memory indeed. However, looking back to 1973, it is -1.1 from average. While it is clear the pandemic has had a volatile effect on confidence on the ANZ economy, we can take some cheer that this year was not a significant negative outlier within almost 50 years of data capture.


After being beaten by Nine in 2019 and 2020, Seven reclaimed title of Australia’s #1 television network and achieved the strongest free-to-air commercial audience share growth of any network this year.

Seven finished the 2021 ratings year with a 38.6% share of the commercial audience, ahead of Nine on 37.8%, and Ten on 23.6%. The ratings year excludes the Easter holidays and the Olympic Games – but included the Australian Open which was delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

The Top 10 FTA Programs (Metro Overnight Ratings) Of 2021 Were:

1) AFL: Grand Final: Melbourne V Western Bulldogs Seven 3,006,000

2) AFL: Grand Final: Presentations Seven 2,667,000

3) AFL: Grand Final: On The Ground Seven 2,266,000

4) NRL Grand Final Day – Match Nine 2,202,000

5) Tokyo Games Opening Ceremony Seven 2,117,000

6) Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Day 9 – Night Seven 2,070,000

7) State of Origin Game One Nine 1,911,000

8) State of Origin Game Two Nine 1,862,000

9) The Block – Winner Announced Nine 1,835,000

10) NRL Grand Final Day – Presentation Nine 1,794,000

From January 17th through until December 22nd 2021, there were 105 non-news, free-to-air programs that had over 1 million metro overnight viewers.

Of those:

  • 62 were either sporting events or related to sporting events (such as the Olympic Opening Ceremony or Grand Final post-match coverage).

  • 45 were part of the Tokyo Olympic Games coverage.

There were a significant amount of tentpole entertainment programs to crack the million viewer mark this year.

  • 20 were episodes of Married At First Sight

  • 14 were episodes of The Voice (moved to Network 7 with new judges)

  • Six were episodes of The Block

  • And Lego Masters made it in once, with 1,030,000 tuning in for the winner announcement

The remaining two programs that didn’t fit into either a sporting or tentpole category were specials: 10’s Oprah with Meghan and Harry with 1,366,000, and Seven’s Hey Hey We’re 50 with 1,224,000.


In the week up to the 9th of January , there were 903.1 million minutes of BVOD content consumed with a reach of 4.9 million people nationally. Ten held 5 of the Top 10 program positions – 4 of which were I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here as the other networks bide their time until survey season to release prime time programming. Worth noting is Foxtel’s And Just Like That which was 6th in Top 10 programming, no doubt supported by the above-the-line campaign to generate interest in Sex & the City’s follow up season.


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