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Campaign of the Week

What if your entire day, indeed your whole life, took place in spaces measuring one square meter? Hornbach, a leading German DIY store chain, that has posed that very question in a stunning new campaign launch “One Square Meter” launched 25th of August.

The ad is a creative response to the cost-of-living crisis that's spread like a plague, making it harder to find adequate living space. "A square meter seems small, yet it is an endless space of ideas," the YouTube description reads. And indeed, as the man progresses through spaces he lives in and shares, the walls never exceed that measure.

"We want to encourage and inspire people to creatively rethink and design rooms and spaces, both within their own four walls and beyond," explains Thomas Schnaitmann, Hornbach's head of international brand. "Particularly in places where affordable living space is becoming scarcer, the number of ideas per square meter needs to be even bigger."

Designers and artists from eight European countries—including Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, Austria, and the Netherlands—produced actual square-meter artworks for the supporting campaign, which will roll out from mid-September onward. They have evocative names like "The Square Farm," "The Memory Room" and "BBQ Tower." Their stories, and those of their designers, will also be told on social and digital supports.

It will also include digital out-of-home ads, radio broadcasts, and events, which will gradually roll out from mid-September.

Consumer Confidence:

ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence was up 2.3pts to 78.1, making it a record breaking 6 months below the mark of 80. Consumer Confidence is now 6.9 points below same time last year, though positively the slight growth continues to be an ongoing trend across the last 4 weeks.

The Eastern Seaboard states were the source of the increases, with Western Australia and South Australia down slightly week-on-week.

ANZ Senior Economist Adelaide also commented,

“…The confidence impact of falling real wages due to inflation continues to offset the positives in the economy and is likely the main factor that has kept the index in very weak territory for the past six months.”

There is optimism that there may be an extended pause in RBA rate hikes which may see Consumer Confidence rise to 80 by end of year.

TV Update:

In what has been a programming masterstroke (thanks to a super competitive Matildas) Seven rounded out the tournament with incredible numbers for the final…especially considering there was no Aussie team involved. The three main segments played out thus:

· FIFA Women’s World Cup FINAL: Pre-Game (780,000)

· FIFA Women’s World Cup FINAL: ESP v ENG (2,000,000)

· FIFA Women’s World Cup FINAL: Post-Game (1,397,000)

Huge numbers to finish out a very successful pick-up for the network.

On that same night, The Block (778,000) does very well for its first proper room reveal of the season on Nine though obviously couldn’t compete with the the big game. 60 Minutes (360,000) certainly suffered afterwards, though likely will see a pick-up in Total TV over the next week.

Industry News:

Digital out-of-home advertising has recorded a close to 10% jump in revenue share for the first half of 2023, as the Outdoor Media Association (OMA) reported a significant revenue uptick for the broader out-of-home sector.

In the industry body’s 2023 half-year report, the Australian out-of-home sector reported $543.5 million in revenue for the year-to-date, up 11.9% from $485.7 million in the previous corresponding period.

Digital out-of-home revenue accounted for 68.1% of total media revenue year-to-date, an increase over the recorded 58.7% for the same period last year (the figure was adjusted to reflect changing OMA membership).

All out-of-home categories have seen a revenue increase. However, transport (including airport) was the fastest growing with a $22.3 million increase compared to the previous corresponding period.

BVOD Audiences

In the week up to the 27th of August, total of 962.3 million BVOD minutes were consumed, reaching 5.8 million people nationally.

The Block (Nine) continues to deliver the highest BVOD audience with 166,000. This is followed by Bay of Fires (ABC) delivering 163,000 audience with the majority of the audience skewing People 40+. Reality TV dominates the Top 10, with The Block episodes rounding out the rest of the Top 5. ABC has another showing with Mother and Son at 6th, and The Voice rounds out positions seven to nine with Ten’s Thank God You Are Here placing tenth.

Source: OzTAM Video Player Measurement

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