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Campaign OF THE WEEK

Worried your health data is public? “Waiting Room” is the latest film in Apple’s ongoing privacy campaign around health data privacy and how iPhone helps protect data stored in the Health Apps and in HealthKit.

Voiced by actor Jane Lynch, it’s all set in a hospital’s waiting room and Jane Lynch describes and exposes sensitive medical data of each person, demonstrating how much of the health and wellness data that is tracked and shared digitally goes unprotected. The final shots of the ad showcase a woman holding iPhone whose health data, due to Apple’s privacy protections, can’t be shared.

The ad is part of a wider health privacy campaign in 24 regions worldwide. This summer campaign will be featured across TV, social media, and billboards.


Media Update OF THE WEEK

ARN media which owns 58 radio stations across 33 markets and digital platform iHeartRadio, has just acquired a stake in rival broadcaster SCA for 14.8% shares for a whopping $38.3 million. Yes, you read it right!

While 14.8% share may not seem particularly significant, it is the largest share acquisition that is legally allowed to prevent hyper-consolidation of the market. ARN Media would gain control of SCA’s commercial radio and TV licenses if they hold 15% shares in SCA. However, this is not possible as SCA and ARN media control the maximum permitted two commercial radio broadcasting licenses in all metro markets and several regional markets and the Broadcasting Services Act prohibits ARN Media holding more than 15% interest.

Looking at the bright side for shareholders, SCA shares have jumped 25% to $0.955 on the announcement.

Earlier this year, ARN reported radio revenue up to $344.9 million in the year to December however profit suffered due to a non-cash impairment due to current economic conditions.

In trading update last month, radio revenue unfortunately was down 5%, partly due to shrinking government spend and uncertainty impacting advertising sentiment.



ABZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence was sitting at 72.4 – this is the lowest since early April 2020.

It has now spent 16 straight weeks below the mark of 80. The last time Consumer Confidence spent at least sixteen weeks under 80 was during the 1990-91 recession when the index was conducted monthly.

There were mixed results with Consumer Confidence was up in VIC, SA and WA, however down in NSW and QLD. This was due to downward confidence in personal finance, with, only 15% of Australians say their families are in a better condition financially this year compared to last year.

Sentiment regarding Australian future economic condition remains very weak with only 5% of Australians expect “good times” for the economy over the next twelve months, this is the lowest figure for this indicator since Aug 2020. The housing market may be picking up but confidence is still low, with 20% of Australians, who now say it is a good time to buy, while majority of 53% say now is a bad time.

tv landscape

Nine was still unbeatable last week with 35.5% share, thanks to State Origin and Ashes series.

Seven followed with 26.8% for the week, ABC with 15.1% and Ten by 14.8%.

Nine led Sunday-Wednesday, while Seven scored Thursday-Saturday. Nine dominated Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, tied with Seven in Melbourne and Perth.

The State of Origin II has reached 1.84M metro viewers and rose to 3.02M when regional and BVOD was added, followed by Seven News with 939,000 metro viewers and State of Origin II Pre-Match which drew 937,000 viewers.

On Monday 26th June, joining the panel on Have You Been Paying Attention? for the first time this season, Ray O’Leary is back alongside first-timer Bron Lewis, and show favourite Kitty Flanagan.

Dancing with The Stars 2023 kicked off on 18th June full of celebrities such as Charlie Albone, Emily Weir, Christie Whelan Browne drew in 647,000 viewership during its launch, which be the top rating entertainment program of the week.



In the week up to the 26th of June, total of 1,129,900 BVOD minutes was consumed, reaching 6.8 million people nationally.

Utopia “The Promise Land” episode led with 166,000 BVOD audience, followed by Love Island UK S10 with 96,000 audience with 33% of them are F 25-39.

Seven’s Home and Away continues to rate highly and sitting in 3rd and 4th position with 94,000 and 92,000 audience.


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