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CAMPAIGN Update of the Week

To tease the Philippine market about the release of murder mystery Glass Onion, Netflix put out several mystery out-of-home ads for the nation to solve.

Netflix wanted to build anticipation for the star-studded sequel of the mystery film-turned-franchise that stemmed from Knives Out in 2019. They knew social media has enabled inquisitive audiences to solve mysteries all over the world through groundswell created on these social platforms. To launch Glass Onion, Netflix posted mysteriously minimalist billboards that had taped items on plain white canvases across 18 sites nationwide. This execution had the country abuzz and encouraged Filipinos to investigate what the billboards were all about.

Those who had Benoit Blanc-like detective skills figured out that the items on the billboards corresponded to the costume of each character of the film. Each billboard had a magnifying class and an onion to pertain to the film. The billboards stirred up the nation's interest to watch the film.

The campaign achieved a total reach of 148M people nationwide, 10.4M total impressions on socials, 157K total organic conversations, and was the #1 Film on Netflix PH for 2 Weeks.

media UpdatE OF THE WEEK

Social-first news service The Daily Aus (TDA) has partnered with Nike to launch an initiative supporting female and gender diverse sports journalists to enter the industry. The Training Squad provides recipients with mentoring and work opportunities to help kick-start connections and a portfolio.

While roughly half of Australian journalists are women, just 10 per cent cover the sporting space. Abbey Wirth, narrative and communications lead at Nike Pacific said: “Nike’s mission is to move sport forward and create opportunity for her everywhere you look.

“It’s not just about who is on the pitch, track or field, but who is reporting on it too.”

Program participants will gain access to some of the biggest sporting moments and hone important media skills through contract with innovative media professionals, TDA co-founder Sam Koslowski said.

“TDA’s role in this program is to provide the support and guidance necessary to help our squad members build a strong professional identity and portfolio, opening doors to new opportunities in the industry,” Koslowski said.

“We will know we’ve nailed it when the sports journalists on the panels of major sporting moments in 5-10 years’ time are alumni of this program.”


ANZ-Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence was down 1.1pts and sat at 76.2. This marked the thirteenth consecutive week where the index is below the mark of 80 – the longest stretch below 80 since the index began being conducted on a weekly basis in October 2008. The last time Consumer Confidence spent at least thirteen weeks under 80 was during the 1990-91 recession when the index was conducted on a monthly basis.

Consumer Confidence is now 14.5pts below the same week a year ago, May 23-29, 2022 (90.7) and 3.8pts below the 2023 weekly average of 80.0. Across the country, Consumer Confidence contradicted the previous week’s results and was down in Victoria, Queensland, WA and SA but up in NSW. The driver of this week’s decrease was reduced confidence about personal financial situations compared to a year ago while other indicators were largely unchanged compared to a week ago.

tv landscape

Even with dropping the failed Blow Up from its schedule, Seven still won last week. The win was due to the strength of Farmer Wants a Wife, and The Chase pushing viewers into Seven News. Travel Guides and Have You Been Paying Attention? were the best entertainment for Nine and 10, respectively. SBS also had a good week thanks to Who Do You Think You Are? and Alone Australia.

On Wednesday night, we saw Gina win the first season of Alone Australia, surviving 67 days in the Western Tasmania / Lutruwita wilderness. After enduring nature, hunger, and loneliness, the 52-year-old outlasted nine other participants and won a whopping $250,000.

She outlasted vet and bush regenerator Mike, at 64 days. In the final episode Gina’s best friend Lee surprised her on location, for an emotional reunion. Alone Australia has been a massive hit for SBS, with five episodes now surpassing the one million viewers in VOZ data.


In the week commencing 22nd May, 1,131.3 million minutes of BVOD content was consumed by Australians, reaching 6.6 million people nationally.

Alone Australia takes the top three positions in the Top 10 by audience size ranging from 183K to 239K viewers. Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion episode came in at 4th place with 89K viewers. Four of the Top 10 are Seven’s Home And Away, while Nine only takes two places in the Top 10 with The Summit and Travel Guides.

Overall, BVOD is currently still skewing to the female demographic of 40-54.


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