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THE WEEK THAT WAS - W/C October 15th

Media Innovation / Event of the Week

Sending shockwaves throughout the world of radio, ARN has launched a bid to take ownership of SCA.

If successful it would see ARN run a national radio network with the KIIS and Triple M brands across all metro markets, and their regional offering growing from 47 to 88 stations. The remaining stations and brands will form part of an independent SCA run by Anchorage Capital Group, likely due to Australian competition laws.

SCA has confirmed it will consider the proposal and has appointed a team to assess it, but it is currently still subject to several legal barriers including regulatory approvals from both the ACCC and ACMA.

While ARN already own 14.7% share of SCA, this full takeover would shake up the radio market, and will likely have Nova concerned if it goes through. This whole situation will be one to watch over the coming months and will be potentially provide of the biggest shifts in the radio market in years.

All this also comes off the back of a rumoured new Kyle and Jackie O deal speculated to be worth around $200 million over the next ten years, which would see ARN consolidate their position in Sydney and provide a sturdy base to continue to build off for the coming years.

Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence has declined WOW and was unable to register back-to-back weeks above 80 for the first time since early February 2023. The index is down 3.7pts to 76.4 this week, essentially reversing the uplift seen last week.

The decline in confidence was wide-ranging with decreases across all categorises, the main being Housing and Personal Finances (YOY). Housing dropped for those paying off their homes by 7.2pts, despite being up the last 2 weeks. It fell for complete homeowners (-3pts), while it increased marginally for those renting (+1pt). Inflation expectations rose despite heavier than usual retail sales activity in October.

Consumer Confidence was down in NSW, VIC, QLD & SA, however up slightly in WA.

TV Landscape

Network Nine took out the top share for WC 15/10 (Metro 5CAP, Total People), with a strong share of 38.6%. Following Nine was Network Seven with 33.9%, Network Ten with 17.7% and SBS up slightly WOW with 9.8%. Nine’s winning share was driven by The Block Sunday night room reveal, Nine News and ICC World Cup.

Nine’s The Block Sunday episode did manage to top the week (950K), however Seven managed to dominate the News and Current Affairs category with Seven’s News Sunday (860K), Seven News (805K) and Seven News at 6:30 (787K) performing strongly above Nine News Sunday (759K).

Other premium programming included HYBPA (555K), The Masked Singer (453K) and SAS Australia (430K).

Source: Nielsen eTAM (October 2023)

BVOD Audiences

In WC 16/10, 903.1 million minutes of BVOD content (VOD) was consumed, meaning a 1.6% decrease WOW. 5.4 million people were reached Nationally.

Top performing programs have remained consistent WOW, Nine’s The Block is still the highest polling program taking up the top four spots in all programs. Home and Away following right behind taking the 4-8 spots. The Amazing Race Australia and SAS Australia round out the top ten performing programs. Females were the most predominant viewers across all programs in the top 10.


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