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THE WEEK THAT WAS - 5th July 2021

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Consumer Confidence

Consumer Confidence decreased a further 4.4pts to 107.8 this week after multiple cities were placed under lockdown. This brings consumer confidence below the 2021 average of 111.2, however it still remains higher than this time last year (92.1). The cities most impacted were Sydney (-10 points) and Brisbane (-8.7 points).

As lockdowns in Brisbane and Perth come to an end, experts are anticipating a bounce back, pending the situation in Sydney and whether restrictions can be eased.

Consumer Spending

Initial credit card spending reports have highlighted that spending in NSW has not been significantly impacted by the lockdown, at least not in the same way as Victoria.

NSW card spending fell -1.2% in the first full week of the current lockdown, whereas VIC saw a fall of 21% in the initial week of their most recent lockdown.

At a national level, the school holidays saw an increase in spend of 7% in the first week.

TV Landscape

This week Network Nine delivered a 918K (total people) audience for the Ninja Warrior final. Steady viewing figures for Seven and Nine News also help to limit YoY declines to -7% and -9% respectively, for total people.

Ten have seen bigger YoY declines when comparing the success of MasterChef: Back to Win 2020 versus the usual season this year.

Total BVOD reach for the past 7 days is 6.1M, with Nine Now pulling in the largest audiences thanks to Love Island UK, which is averaging 150K reach daily.

OOH Recovery

Outdoor continues to see positive recovery across the majority of formats, based on the latest June data.

Retail surpassed 2019 footfall levels for the first time, peaking in the final week of May. Promisingly, during the most recent Melbourne lockdown, national footfall averages remained at 99% compared to the same time in 2019.

Road is tracking at 86% of 2019 levels nationally, and CBD footfall at 74% compared to 2019.

*Sources: Roy Morgan Consumer Confidence 6th July, Westpac Consumer Sentiment Bulletin, 9th June, Citi Australia and CommBank Credit Card data 2nd July, OzTam, oOh! Pulse Report: June

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